Woobi Launches Ground-Breaking DMA Technology

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TEL AVIV, Israel and LONDONJuly 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

  • The technology enables in-depth user preference analysis; and
  • The ability to serve the right content, to the right user, in the right mind-set.

TokenAds, the leader in bespoke advertising solutions for web, social and mobile games, today announces the launch of its pioneering in-game Dynamic Mind-set Advertising (DMA) software, Woobi.

The DMA algorithm enables Woobi to identify and address each user’s optimal preferences during game-play, and thereby deliver user-specific tailored advertising content at a mind-set he/she is most receptive to it.

Woobi provides unparalleled user profiling and analysis of gamers’ preferences. This technology introduces developers to greater game-enhancing monetization possibilities, and advertisers to significantly improved brand exposure – all aimed at improving and intensifying the user’s gameplay. Woobi enables a uniquely qualitative approach to advertising, tracking gamer preferences and habits. The data allows brands to interact with users during max-engagement moments in game-play, creating a positive brand experience, improved brand awareness and adoption. Instead of interrupting the gamer’s experience, the Woobi DMA technology integrates into the game flow, adding value and obtaining increased user ad engagement levels by bettering their experience.

Woobi’s software provides publishers with flexibility in regards to optional advertising moments. It optimizes the available ad opportunities towards the user’s mindset, ‘engagement depth’, and available demographics. The software learns the trends within a gameplay, adapts and provides users with the right content at the right time. The engagement rates vary based on different offerings according to game progress, and the patent pending IGBR (In-Game Behavioral Recognition) algorithm optimizes each and every impression.

Chaya Soggot, CEO and Co-Founder, said: “Woobi DMA is a game changer for the in-game advertising industry.  Today we announce what we believe will become the new standard for in game advertising.  Our unique technology blends into the game and adds value at the optimal timing, benefiting game publishers, advertisers and gamers. TokenAds strives to change the perception of in-game advertising, from irrelevant clutter to a fun, relevant and valuable service. Today’s announcement is our latest significant industry breakthrough as we continue to innovate and pioneer changes in the field.”

The global gaming industry is said to be on track to reach $102.9 billion in 2017, with over 3 billion hours a week being spent on playing games. The in-game advertising industry is estimated to reach $2.67 billion by 2017. Woobi is entering the market at a crucial point in the industry’s development, offering an unrivalled advertising platform for developers and brands.

TokenAds offers a wide variety of cross screen in-game advertising solutions for social, mobile and desktop platforms. Our user-focused technological innovation enables our customers to achieve significant competitive advantages and greater results. TokenAds’ unique proprietary platform has cemented its leading market position with key publishers and advertisers; all while ensuring a best-in-class service to end users.

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