Woobi Launches In-Game Targeting Option

TokenAds, which provides bespoke advertising solutions for web, social media and mobile games, has launched ‘Woobi’, a service delivering ads to gamers, tailored according to their profiles and general preferences and delivered at points in the game where they are likely to be receptive.The DMA software (Dynamic Mind-set Advertising) within Woobi identifies individual users’ preferences during game-play, and delivers tailored ad content at an optimum point, whilst supposedly ‘improving and intensifying the user’s gameplay’ rather than interrupting it. Ad / timing choices reflect a combination of the user’s mindset, ‘engagement depth’, and available demographics, and a patent pending IGBR (In-Game Behavioral Recognition) algorithm ‘optimizes each and every impression’.CEO and co-founder Chaya Soggot enthuses: ‘’Today we announce what we believe will become the new standard for in-game advertising… TokenAds strives to change the perception of in-game advertising, from irrelevant clutter to a fun, relevant and valuable service.’