TEL AVIV and LONDON (11 August 2014) – TokenAds, a leader in bespoke advertising solutions for social and mobile games, today announces that its DMA, Dynamic Mindset Advertising software, Woobi will be unveiled at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday the 13 th of August.

The DMA algorithm enables Woobi to identify users’ preferences and deliver user-oriented advertising content during game-play, at times when the user is most receptive. Woobi aims to be the first advertising platform that primarily focuses on the gamer’s experience. This translates into performing real-time, machine learning optimization which identifies the most effective moments to serve ads within gameplay. Consequently, at times Woobi will suggest not using an ad-space within a game, while when ads are served, they will be relevant, non-disruptive and provide both an improved brand and game experience.

Chaya Soggot, CEO and Co-Founder, said: “The Woobi DMA software is a huge breakthrough. We are learning users’ in-game mindsets and preferences, in order to decide when an ad is most valuable for them, and therefore, for everyone. Over the past five years we have obtained significant user behavioral knowledge and have developed the technology to provide users with a superior gaming experience. We think that this will completely redefine new standards in in-game advertising, to truly provide a fun, relevant and valuable service.”

TokenAds offers cross screen in-game advertising solutions for social, mobile and desktop platforms. TokenAds’ proprietary platform has cemented its position as a leading supplier of innovative in-game advertising software solutions, for both publishers and advertisers, and a value-add service to gamers.

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