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TEL AVIV and LONDON, September 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — 

TokenAds, a leader in bespoke advertising solutions for social and mobile games, is excited to announce the rebranding of the company to Woobi, solidifying its commitment to the groundbreaking Woobi DMA™ technology.

The DMA™ technology (Dynamic Mindset Advertising) enables Woobi to identify and address each user’s optimal point of engagement during game-play, and thereby deliver user specific native advertising content, when players are in their most receptive mindset. Instead of interrupting the gamers’ experience, the Woobi DMA™ technology seamlessly integrates into the game-flow, adding value and obtaining increased user ad engagement levels by enhancing their experience.

Upon the first publisher integration in StreetRace Rivals OU’s popular Facebook game, Woobi DMA™ proved an instant increase in monetized users of over 292%, without compromising conversion rates, resulting in similar increase in generated revenue. Later integrations show even greater results, and users report considerable satisfaction from the significantly improved game-flow resulting in an increase of nearly 10% in game-play session length.

Chaya Soggot, Woobi’s CEO and Co-Founder, said: “Today’s announcement of the rebranding underscores our commitment to the Woobi platform which we see as the new standard for in-game advertising. The results from the publisher integrations since we launched Woobi DMA™ at Gamescom this summer have far exceeded our expectations. This is a huge step forward for the industry, and for our company as we continue to change the perception of in-game advertising, from irrelevant clutter to a fun, relevant and valuable service for everyone.”

About Woobi 

Woobi offers a wide variety of cross screen in-game advertising solutions for social, mobile and desktop platforms. Our user-focused technological innovation enables our customers to achieve significant competitive advantages and greater results. Woobi’s unique proprietary platform has cemented its leading market position with key publishers and advertisers; all while ensuring a best-in-class experience to end users.

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