Israeli technology is enabling the digital advertising revolution that changes the way advertisers reach customers and the way customers engage with ads.

Until not long ago, advertising was about devising a uniform message and plastering the same ad everywhere in hopes of reaching the most customers. Today, advertising is driven by algorithms to achieve automatic buying and placing of highly targeted, real-time, personalized advertisements.

Israeli knowhow underlies much of the technology enabling this digital advertising revolution.

“Israel is becoming a leader in programmatic advertising, also known as algorithmic advertising,” says Nimrod Kozlovsky of Jerusalem Venture Partners. In 2014, Israel had $3 billion in ad and monetization exports, he points out.”…

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Woobi enhances user engagement with in-game advertising, adding relevant ad content at maximum-engagement moments within gameplay, customized per user and per game. Coca-Cola, for example, used Woobi to drive competition entries to its recent social media competition.