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Woobi, a leader in the field of in-game advertising and monetization, is pleased to announce it has recently integrated its ad-based game monetization solutions with Mobfox,
a top-ten international mobile advertising platform from Matomy.

“At Mobfox, we partner with companies that deliver significant value to our publishers,” says Noam Neumann, Mobfox VP Mobile Strategy. “We are excited to have Woobi on board the Mobfox platform. Woobi’s innovative ad formats, including rewarded video, are a great addition to our already robust platform.”

“We are happy to join the Mobfox platform, which is well known for the added value it brings to publishers. At Woobi, we focus on leveraging a better user-experience through in-game ads, and we are confident that the integration with Mobfox will contribute to their publishers’ user engagement,” says Shai Sasson, VP Games & Apps at Woobi.

Woobi’s monetization solutions offer game publishers a way to increase revenue, without compromising the game flow or the quality of the user’s gameplay experience. As a result, rather than lessening the user’s satisfaction, Woobi’s solutions offer the user a choice to engage with ad content, only when they are in a receptive mindset, thus turning ads into an integral part of the game-flow that users actively seek to interact with. In addition to up-surging revenue, by respectfully addressing each user’s preferences during gameplay, Woobi’s publishers also benefit from an increase in game session length and overall user life-time-value (LTV).

About Woobi
Woobi offers cross screen in-game advertising solutions across all platforms. Woobi’s unique proprietary platform enables the company to provide innovative in-game advertising software solutions, for both publishers and advertisers, and an unparalleled value-add service to gamers.

About Mobfox
MobFox is a top open mobile advertising platform, helping publishers get the most from their mobile ad inventory. A single gateway for real-time bidding (RTB), worldwide direct sales and in-house advertising revenue, the fully-transparent platform is used by over 40,000 iOS and Android apps as a monetization solution, and provides comprehensive support for multiple advertising formats including banner, interstitial, video and native. Founded in 2010, the company has offices in London, San Francisco and Vienna. Matomy Media Group Ltd. (LSE: MTMY, TASE: MTMY.TA), a world-leading media company delivering smart technology solutions and a personalized approach to advertising, acquired the MobFox business and technology in 2014. For more information, see and