Takeaways from DMEXCO 2018

Video is always a hot topic

We don’t need DMEXCO to know just how big video is. Yet, this time it was bigger than ever. From connected TV to in-app video, It’s becoming more and more clear to advertising experts from the world of brand marketing just how powerful video advertising can be, and not just on top platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Data is the talk of the town

In the year of GDPR, data is the elephant in the room. People aren’t only discussing data security, compliance, and quality, publishers are also turning to data in order to take on the duopoly.
This is a smart move on their behalf. At a time where 3rd party data is becoming less compliant, 1st party data is rare and limited, the value of second party data is on the rise and publishers and picking up on it. Second party data doesn’t only deliver quality, but you can finally gain quality at scale.

Transparency Is Needed More Than Ever

I shouldn’t have to think about serving an ad to someplace that’s not viewable, which is not really human, that’s not in a brand safe environment, that technology should already be in my server. Do I need to pay again on top of that?
– Oliver Meletz, head of international communication & Media Planning, VW Q&A at Festival Of Media

In an era of transparency brands like P&G and Unilever are taking an active role in vendor selection. The agenda behind this decision, is to drive a new level of transparency across partners and optimize investments. Brands are turning to vendors which offer transparency and take accountability over quality.