11 August 2015

Best Practices for Launching an App Install (Burst) Campaign

A “Burst campaign” is one of the most popular tools used by mobile app developers when releasing a new app, or when trying to promote an app to expand their user base. The main challenge is how to maximize budgets to drive cost efficient, quality app installs, and increase ROI – So let’s quickly recap our options:


When launching an app-install campaign (be it a CPI burst or CPE campaign) – we usually aim to:

  1. Obtain massive amounts of installs
  2. Attract new quality users
  3. Re-engage non-active users
  4. Increase app ranking
  5. Increase discoverability

As a result – we hope to obtain an increase in organic installs as well over time

Now, let’s set a few guidelines for launching your app-install (burst) campaign, driving cost efficient, quality app user acquisition, and increased ROI:



First step for any campaign is to set its clear objectives. What do you wish to achieve? New user acquisition? User re-engagement? Long-term retention?

Set your objectives clearly, and make sure your campaign’s KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) serve those objectives. This, combined with real-time monitoring and optimization tools will enable you to measure and dictate desired results at any given moment in your campaign’s life cycle.



Looking to amplify the launch of your brand-new app? Looking to strengthen weak seasonality, or ride the wave of peeking seasonality?

It has been said that timing is everything – and it is no different when launching a campaign. Plan ahead and sync your KPI’s accordingly.



One of the most amazing tools enabled by several innovative in-game ad serving technologies is meticulous targeting. Recently developed tools allow you to not only implement targeting capabilities as  the obvious Geo’s and Demographics, but to also target based on deeper analysis and user profiling to include device, OS, user preferences, interests, consumption habits, game traits and more. Implementing such tools will ensure your app promotion reaches the relevant audience, where the potential LTV is maximal.


stay in control of your campaign with real time fraud protection, performance analysis and optimization

Fraud has been an issue since the inception of online performance marketing. As an advertiser you wish to ensure your ad is displayed in a suitable context to complement your brand, viewed by real people (rather than bots), and to the most relevant audiences – maximizing brand safety. Overall, you are seeking to create a positive advertising experience, so here are a few things you need to be sure to implement:

  • Engage with ad serving platforms that have developed dedicated fraud detection / prevention mechanisms for each platform (web/social/mobile).
  • Don’t settle for vague quality promises – insist on real-time location checks, analysis of user profile and history to ensure quality engagements.
  • Having direct integrations with game publishers strongly supports quality ad engagements. .



Most of today’s publishers should find it rather easy to use more than one creative per campaign. The advantages are clear – first – you may approach the users with different messages – after all – a user that has already been exposed to a marketing message and chose not to engage – may be worth trying a different ad. Advertisers also use this to perform A-B comparison and learn what offerings work better for them.



Different users play different games for different reasons, their in-game behavior differs accordingly, and shifts back and forth during their gameplay session. This is also reflected by the fact that they do not all wish to engage with your ad at the exact same moment, if at all!

The ability to identify if and when each user would be in his most receptive mindset to engage with your ad content is extremely valuable and is bound to increase the success of your campaign significantly.

Machine learning technologies such as DMA (Dynamic Mindset Advertising), can determine not only which ad content to display to which user, but also learn and detect the exact moment within the organic game flow – when the user is at his most receptive mindset to engage with it. These advanced technologies enable your campaign to strike only where and when a user is keen to engage with your ad, resulting in higher user quality, a better initial engagement experience and reduced unnecessary spend.