Turkcell Bip Drives 20% CTR Towards App Installs2019-05-01T13:48:29+00:00

Project Description


BiP is its communication application that is used around the world. BiP has many functions for everyone to use and it manages to get a substantial user base since it launched.


Client: Mindshare

Industry: Telecom / Tech

Country: Turkey

Company Bio:

Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator of Turkey with over 70 million subscribers.

The Challenge: 

The proliferation of messaging platforms created a fierce competition over user attention and usage. Within this highly competitive environment the goal was to broaden the awareness to Turkcell BiP platform and increase usage.

The Approach: 

Offer potential users a cross promotional offer that combines both Turkcell and BiP to heavy messaging users at the ages of 16-24.

“Mobile players are heavy data users, which was a great audience fit for our client.”

Ben, Woobi

The Solution: 

The focus was create user engagement by optimising towards clicks that lead to a designated landing site. The goal was to both convert users and provide Turkcell with more insight about the customer journey.
The means – games in which the creative is displayed at the end of a gaming session. The basic assumption was that users will be more inclined to respond to a commercial message when it doesn’t interfere with their gaming session.

The Results: 

Campaign response was incredible and managed to outperform click through target by ~20%.

Completion Rate
Click Through Rate