Reebok Engages with a New Audience Using 2nd Party Data2019-05-01T11:16:06+00:00

Project Description


Campaign: Mud Run Reebok

Client: Carat

Industry: Fitness


Reebok’s strategy was designed to “change the way people perceive, define and experience fitness”. The Mud Run event became a key platform in which the brand can communicate its brand messaging above and below the line.

Company Bio:

Reebok is one of the world leading fitness brands. It was among the first companies that recognized that a shift happening today in the fitness world that is born from the idea that fitness can be a sport – with all the elements that we love about traditional sports.

The Challenge: 

Strengthening the brand and brand perception, in a way that communicate the Mud Run event in a non-disruptive way to audience who is both engaged in fitness activities and people who are sports enthusiast. The secondary goal was to increase the event and brand awareness post the event through word of mouth on social media platforms.

The Approach: 

Use rich and verified second party data to increase reach and identify a new audience of fitness enthusiasts.

“Using 2nd party data is a fantastic way to increase reach while saving costs beyond the data we get from 3rd parties.”

Alberto , Woobi

The Solution: 

By using user-initiated video ads within games (for users who are interested in sports or use fitness apps on their mobile devices) the audience was exposed to the brand message in full in a non-disruptive way. Once a substantial reach was achieved, the campaign retargeted the users that on top of fitness apps are active social media users as a means to strengthen the connection between the brand and the users and support the secondary goal of word-to-mouth awareness post the event.

The Results: 

The campaign had a 94% completion rate and a 1.6% click through rate which supported both the brand recognition and perception while managing to convert users to active participants directly from the video ad.

Completion Rate
Click Through Rate